Review of the fiscals duties

All that we do nowadays have fiscal implications. The evolution of the modern economy shows that the competitive environment in which companies develop their activity requires that they are able to define with the greatest possible care the legal and tax that will have to face context. Tax is an inescapable element of almost all business activities and in every jurisdiction where we do business. Decisions made today will affect your tax burden often in the future.

Moore ULA Offers a personalized service of advice, reviews, consultations, negotiations and presentations fiscal tax obligations in the country. Our tax team keeps vigilant on current tax legislation to provide efficient and effective enforcement of their formal duties to the tax authorities.

We advise many companies about the most efficient and correct way to comply with its formal duties ensuring that the company does not pay more taxes than legally rightful and evoid accumulate tax contingencies for errors or omissions in their tax returns.

Within our service we include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Advice and Consulting
  • Defence at taxpayer
  • Internal
  • Planning of fiscal strategies
  • Fiscal Advice
  • Use of tax Incentive
  • Resource reconsideration DGII
  • Review of the fiscals duties
  • Elaborations and presentations of periodic tax returns
  • Annual Affidavit Preparation for Companies and Individuals
  • Preparing the Information Statement Related Transactions (DIOR)
  • Elaboration of Transfer Pricing Studies