Quality Control

To maintain quality control while in the work progress and in the preparation of reports, Moore ULA  provides:

  • Conduct a planning, monitoring and implementation of work in all its phases.
  • Commitments to our clients on the professional service provided, and a clear and formal definition of the nature, scope, and limitations of the mentioned before.
  • Comply with the international standards of financial reporting and auditing.
  • Time allocation and measures of test performance.
  • Elaboration of the working papers, these should note the findings of the auditor and include conclusions on the evidence obtained in each of the financial statements subject to review.
  • Establishment of a research system in special cases. 
  • Survey and evaluation of the internal control as the main basis of the auditing procedures that are to be applied.
  • Dirección General de Cine bajo el Núm. AC-ES 050.
  • Obtaining sufficient and competent evidence to enable the auditor an objective basis to render an opinion.
  •  Inform the client about the outcome of the service.